Collage Studio

In this project, we were tasked with the creation of a Facebook application for mobile devices. After conducting interviews and research on Facebook users from ages 14-36, my team and I found a common interest within the sharing of Facebook photos. From there,
we began conceptualizing an idea for a mobile application that would allow Facebook users to quickly share their photos in an fast, fun, and engaging way.

Collage Studio is a Facebook application that allows you to instantly create beautiful collages in your hand using photos from your camera, phone storage, or Facebook photos. Collage Studio also includes editing your photos with multiple filters, image cropping and rotation, and many other adjustments. Users can also shuffle the arrangement of the photos within their collage by shaking their mobile device.

Team: Jonathan Diaz, Yvonne Ko, Joe Raneses

Instructor: Jeong Kim, Senior Design Director of User Experience, SAP

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