Know Fear

In this project, our objective was to create a complete exhibition experience. Know Fear is an exhibition exploring the study of phobias and their effects on daily life. Sufferers of phobias experience more than just mere fear—their fears consume their lives and are classified as phobias. This exhibition provides information on history, diagnoses, symptoms, statistics, and examples of phobias. Tasks included development of floorplans, architectural drawings, wayfinding and signages, iconography, advertising, website, mobile applications, photo renderings, model building, and a process book.

Team: Joan Ang, Lou Stone, Yvonne Ko

Instructor: Connie Hwang

Measurements Floorplan Sketches First Level Floorplan Second Level Floorplan Architectural Sketches Architectural Sketches Model Entrance Case Studies Kiosk Phobia Content Map Reflections First Level Model Photo First Level Wayfinding Stairs Arachnophobia Bacteriophobia Trichophobia Trichophobia Seismophobia Seismophobia First Level Rendering Web and Mobile Applications